Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there elevators in the building?

A: Yes, there are two elevators located in the main lobby. There are stairwells located on either side of the building.

Q: How many parking spaces am I allowed?

A: One-bedroom units are allowed two parking spaces. Two-bedroom units are allowed three parking spaces.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: No, only owners staying in their own units are allowed to bring pets.

Q: Does my unit have an oceanfront balcony?

A: Yes, every unit has a private oceanfront balcony with a view of the ocean. Second floor and above also have a view of the beach. On first floor, the view of the beach is blocked by the sand dunes and pine trees.

Q: When are check-in and check-out times?

A: Check-in is guaranteed by 3pm. Check-out is at 9am.


Q: Can I bring my boat [or jet ski or motorcycle]?

A: No trailer of any type is allowed in the parking lot. Motorcycles are allowed if ridden. Kayaks and canoes that can be transported on a vehicle roof are permitted.

Q: Can I bring a bicycle?

A: Yes, we have storage space for bicycles. Please bring a lock as they are stored in a public area.

Q: Do you have a pool?

A: Yes, we have an outdoor pool on the bayside open to all guests. Pool hours are every day, weather permitting, from 10am to 6pm. No one under the age of 14 is allowed in the pool area without adult supervision.

Q: Is fishing allowed on the beach?

A: Yes, surf fishing is allowed with a Delaware fishing license, which can be obtained from any local tackle shop or purchased online.

Q: Are there grills on the property?

A: Yes, there are three charcoal grills available on a first come, first served basis located to the sides of the front parking area. You will need to provide your own charcoal. No outdoor cooking is allowed anywhere on the property other than in these two designated areas.


Q: Is there a lost and found?

A: Yes, a lost and found area is located in the outer lobby.

Q: Is there a place to store my beach items?

A: Yes, there are oceanside storage rooms available for any guest to use. They are located on the north side of the building (right side facing the building from the beach).

Q: Do you have Internet access?

A: There is free public wifi available in certain areas of the building. The signal is strongest in the ground floor library and first floor sitting area.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If it is necessary for you to cancel your reservation, and if we are able to rerent the unit for the entire week, a 13% cancelation fee will be deducted from the total rate. If the unit cannot be rerented, any money that has been paid will be forfeited.

Q: Your website looks different. What's the best way to view it?

A: Yes, we've recently changed our site's look and feel. For the most part, all of the same information is contained here with mainly aesthetic differences. The best way to view our site is with the Mozilla Firefox web browser as we used that browser for the design testing. However, we are still testing the look and feel of the site in other browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. We recommend that you have the latest version of your browser of choice to get the most from this new site. Please check back for updates, and we hope you enjoy the new site!


Q: I use Internet Explorer 8, and the site does not look the same as on other computers. Why?

A: We apologize for this inconvenience. Internet Explorer 8 does not support all of the features on this site. Because you cannot use Internet Explorer 9 on anything older than Windows Vista, anyone still using Windows XP will experience some obvious differences from newer versions of Windows or other browsers.